About Us

It was in 2015 that we started thinking about how certain necessities can influence the life of a person. It is since then that LeoGreen has been passionately involving itself in all the essential and unavoidable segments.

We did not just want to look unique, we wanted to be THE one. And hence we expanded our horizons from baby products to sports and outdoors and even included products like toys and healthcare products! Our aim was to become the one-roof store for all your basic needs.

We planned our products by keeping in mind our core values of trustworthiness and customer experience. We marched towards our aim of delivering customer-centric products in such a quality that it satisfies the needs of our customer by all means!

Our commitment led us towards reaching the customers of countries like UK, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Australia and UAE. And yet, we are open for improvements by taking into account the needs of our targeted audience.

We are constantly expanding our horizons and we would love to reach out to all of you! Join us and we will enrich your necessities and give a sense of contentment - that’s our word of honour!