International Women’s Day is what we celebrate to recognize all the women who have dreamt, executed, tried, failed, achieved, and the ones who never gave up irrespective of their colour, class, creed, or religion! Women are the true heroes, be it a CEO, a Mother, a Sister, a friend, or a lover! They have the power to inspire you in ways that you never imagined! So why not please them this Women’s day by gifting them something that really makes them happy and something that they can empower them! So have come up with a collection of women’s day gifts which are really unique.


Leogreen Acupressure Carpet kit

Leogreen’s acupressure Mat and Pillow Set is a product that will soothe and relax the body after a long day. Thousands of acupressure points on the pillow and the mat work on the body as you just lie down! Not only that, but it helps alleviate back and neck pain, sciatica, and muscle spasms with no prescriptions for heavy painkillers or medical treatments. This mat even enhances blood circulation and stimulates nerve endings!  What could be better than something that soothes and relaxes someone every day after a tiresome day?

Leogreen Yoga Swings

True love is when you want your woman to get better each day! And if you are looking for an innovative product for women’s day, then aerial yoga swings are what you can go for! These hammock swings allow them to practice yoga at home without any clutter or heavy equipment. Easy installation and smart design ensure safety. Apart from that, yoga swings allow them to safely stretch and practice different poses to alleviate back pain. Strengthen the core, muscles, and reduce fatigue, stress and relax the body with Leogreen Aerial Yoga Swings. They can stretch and exercise as much as they want and even reduce your back strain by reducing the pressure on the intervertebral discs and ligaments.

Leogreen Chin Up Bar

Got someone who is a fitness freak? Get them Leogreen 2-in-1 chin-up bar and make it easy for them to build a home gym. This versatile fitness bar is a perfect product for core body workouts at home. Extremely lightweight, easy to install, and made of premium quality steel, this chin-up bar can withstand up to 200kgs of weight. Achieve all the body goals with pull-ups, dips, chin-ups, and leg raises with this fitness bar with complete privacy and total concentration! Accompanied with an installation kit, this product is perfect to give your favourite woman, be it a fitness pro or an aspiring newbie. 

Leogreen Camping Swing

Leogreen camping swing makes a perfect travel present for travel freaks and makes their travel time easy, fun, and even more convenient! This hammock swing is something that allows you to spend time in the lap of nature, at a cottage, or by the lake, with utmost comfort. The mosquito net saves you from mosquitos and insects that perturb your sleep. It takes less than 3 minutes to assemble and is waterproof so it can protect you and withstand any weather conditions. Made out of sturdy 210T parachute nylon, lined with 2 layers and triple interlock stitch, the swing is strong and durable for long term use. 

This women’s day, give your favourite woman something that makes them think about you every time they use the product and multiply their happiness! For more such ideas, explore the products on Leogreen.