Let’s admit it. As parents, one of the most daunting tasks for your children's birthday can be that of selecting a particular gift to them. The most common objective here is to create some joy and laughter and inculcate a good habit in your children. 

We, as parents, would want our children to get engaged in stuff that will eventually develop their skills, don’t we? And here comes the trouble. We step into the market to buy something for them and end up getting confused. 

With numerous gifting options available for your children, we get snowed under the various options available. And to add to the difficulty is the continuous change in what our children like and what they don’t. 

It’s like one day they will want everything around them coloured blue and the other day when you show up with a blue coloured pair of clothes for them all you get to hear is “I don’t like that colour, Mum”.

How to choose a perfect gift?

Before you choose a gift, you have to think about many things. You have to consider the age group while choosing a particular gift. Their needs keep on changing as they grow. So choose a product that matches their needs. 

Make sure that you buy a product that develops some skills. You have to encourage fun learning for your children and keep them occupied with things or products that are useful for their growth. 

Once you are clear with this, you can start exploring the market options. And even if those options are confusing to you, we have a list of options for you. 


Leogreen’s Baby Play Mat

If you are looking for some gift options for a toddler, check Leogreen’s Baby Play Mat. It will be an appropriate gift that is crucial for a child’s development. By choosing this gift, you are not only taking a step towards the child’s development but you are introducing some fun activity to them.

The toys attached with the playmat ensure to capture the child’s attention. Leogreen’s baby play mat is portable which makes it easier to place it in the living room or in the bedroom as per the requirement.

It not only provides a comfortable space for a child, but the product is completely environment-friendly, which makes it a safe product. Some parts of the play mat are also removable which makes it easy to clean. Buy this product for your baby right now. 

Leogreen’s Sketching and Painting Kit

If you are willing to light up your child’s Picasso,  Leogreen’s Sketching and Painting Kit. must be your best choice. Including a total of 79 pieces, the drawing art kit comes with a range of colours that can fulfill all the artistic needs of your child and gives a space for the child to experiment with their ideas.  Well packed in a wooden box that makes it a perfect gift product.

It comes with a range of colours that can fulfill all the artistic needs of your child and gives a space for the child to experiment with their ideas. 

It also has an easy to lock and unlock system that makes it simple for your child to use. You can even plan a weekend where you can join your child and use this kit to create a drawing that you can look up to as the sweetest memory. 

So, you can lit up your child’s world with this kit. Isn’t it a perfect gift?


Leogreen’s Standing Art Easel

Are you surprised by the creativity of your child? Do you want to take your child’s creative skill to get a professional touch? The best thing you can gift to your creative child is Leogreen’s Standing Art Easel. 

It is a drawing and a writing board which means your child can paint his favourite drawing on the white sheet and use the other black sheet for his studying purpose. 

It comes with accessories like coloured chalk sticks, whiteboard markers,  blackboard eraser paper clips etc to make it an accessible product for your child. The 3 storage baskets and 5 pen cases help your kids to easy sorting the drawing equipment. This makes it a perfect choice for your child. 

The above-mentioned gifts will not only add a skill to your child’s development but these gifts will keep your children engaged all the time. It will provoke them to step into an imaginary world and be occupied in that world.