Leogreen Adjustable Hover Kart with 2 foam handles, Self Balancing with Seat, Kart for Hoverboard, Black

Get Leogreen Adjustable Hover Kart to increase your mobility and create more opportunities to enjoy nature as well as the outdoors. The Leogreen hoverkart is in fact an accessory made up of a front axle, a rear axle, a metal frame (most often), a seat, a small directional wheel at the front, and straps used to attach the hoverboard. Transform your hoverboard with this all-terrain accessory and discover a new way to mobilize. It is a perfect complement to add to your hover scooter board.

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Best Features

Smooth Operation: The Leogreen Hoverkart allows you to sit on top of the gyropod or use it to accelerate or to use the brakes and have a smooth turn.

Sturdy: The maximum load of Leogreen Hover kart is 120 kgs which makes it sturdy enough even for adults. It is made from high-abrasive material which makes it safer for your children to use on any street.

Comfortable Handles: It comes with two foam handles and a comfortable seat that makes it easy for you to handle the speed and direction. Since the handle is made from rubber, it has a very secure and comfortable grip.

Safe and Adjustable: Kart for Hoverboard comes with a safety mechanism that can protect you from bad falls. The product is designed to meet all sorts of hoverboards between 6.5 inches to 10 inches.


Note: Leogreen Hoverkart should not be used by children under 6 years without supervision.


Product Specifications

Length: Adjustable from 79 to 100 cm
Dimensions: 79 x 58 x 32.5 cm
Maximum load: 120 kg
Material: PP
Weight: 5 kg
Color: Black

Carton Weight

5.0 kg

Carton Size

52.0 * 45.0 * 22.0 cm

Your Package Contains

Kart Self Balancing seat x1

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