Leogreen’s Standing Art Easel, Drawing and Writing Board, Whiteboard, Blackboard, Magnetic board and Paper Roll, Natural Wood

Finding ways to keep our child occupied through some productive activity? Leogreen’s standing wood art easel can be the perfect product. This children’s easel with a double-sided adjustable board promotes experimentation with various mediums including pencil, pastel, or paint. It is featured with side trays to store the craft supplies, pens, etc. helping you keep your space tidy and clean. Fun and safe for children, let them step in the world of creativity and innovation and create whatever pleases them on this double-sided art easel!
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Best Features

Multi-functional: Leogreen’s standing art easel comprises chalkboard, dry erase magnetic board, Colored chalk sticks, Whiteboard markers, Blackboard brush, Paint containers, Roll of paper, Plastic clips, and Storage baskets allowing your child to discover their innovative skills and develop their multi-sensory skills. 

Storage Cans: The multifunction child board easel enables you to store the paints in the 5 anti-drip paint cans with an integrated brush holder and 3 fabric storages. You can easily remove the cups to clean after your kids are done with the painting.

Easy to Assemble: Very easy to assemble, this product is accompanied by a user manual that guides you in assembling the product. You can also switch between the whiteboard and blackboard with the removable screws.

Enhances Parent-Child Relationship: The children's wooden easel with magnetic board and paper roll in this set enables you to teach your kids a lot of basics including numbers, alphabets, and words on the blackboard and colors on the whiteboard improving the communication between you and your child.

Enhances Innovation: Young artists can create and recreate more and more drawings conveniently with the help of the eraser and enhance their cognitive skills every time with a new picture.

Smart and Safe Mechanism: Filled with wonder, magic, and possibility, this adjustable children's chalkboard art easel with storage tray includes plenty of art supplies that will help you unveil your little one’s creativity.

Sturdy Construction: Perfectly constructed, children's art easel with perfect craftsmanship is sturdy for drawing, painting, watercolor, math, and many other activities.

Environment-safe Material: All the parts of this wooden standing art easel are made from non-toxic and environmentally friendly material, causing no harm to your child.


Product Specification

Accessories: (12x) Coloured chalk sticks, (2x) White board markers, (1x) Blackboard eraser ,(5x) Paint containers, (1x) Paper roll, (4x) Plastic clips, (3x) Storage baskets
Paper roll size: 572 x 46 cm (225.2 x 18.1 inch)
Weight: 4 kg
Board size: 63 x 48 cm (24.8 x 18.9 inch)
Folded size: 91 x 58 x 9 cm (35.8 x 22.8 x 3.5 inch)
Color: Red, Yellow
Size: 120 x 58 x 46 cm (47.2x 22.8 x 18.1 inch)
Function: Whiteboard, Blackboard, Magnetic board and Paper Roll
Material: Natural Wood

Carton weight

4.0 kg

Carton size

93.0*51.5*11.0 cm

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Standing Art Easel x1

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