Leogreen Vibration Plate, Fitness Vibrating Machine, White, 180 Levels, Remote control, Resistance Bands

Bring the most contemporary health and fitness technology into your home with this vibration plate. Exercising on this vibrant fitness platform for 10 minutes is equivalent to 200 sit-ups, 30-minute swimming, 30-minute yoga, or 1-hour jog which might help you lose weight. All you have to do is stand on the machine, and turn it on to lose fat, tone muscle, and improve your balance and coordination. The product won't just help you to reduce body fat but will promote blood circulation, and relieve back pain. The multi-dimensional vibration passes through the body's muscles and helps detach fatty deposits from the body.

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Best Features:

Adjustable Speed Levels: Leogreen Vibration Plate comes with 180 Adjustable Speed ​​Levels, 3 Vibration Modes, and with 2 elastic bands that can be exercised in all directions and provide a guarantee of safety for your training.

Huge Surface: Its platform surface is large to support you during your exercises: 690x390mm. This might help you for the beautification of the skin texture, elimination of cellulite, strengthening of the deep muscles, improvement of coordination, body movements, and blood circulation.

Smart Design: The vibrating platform features a revolutionary fitness design which is a fun and vibrating style gym machine for full sports workouts. Whether you are standing, sitting, lying, or support - you can easily conduct your workout.

Sturdy: The vibration simulator can carry a max load of 150KG which means it is accessible to most people who want to lose weight, increase bone density, and burn fat.

Convenient: It has a convenient size for storage which makes it suitable for you to exercise whenever and wherever you want. This oscillating vibrating platform is suitable for everyone, young and old, beginners or professionals.

Energizing: The Vibrating Oscillating platform has multiple benefits. You can burn fat, promote blood circulation, lower high blood pressure, relieve fatigue and pain, and regulate bodily functions with the help of this product.

Resistance Bands: You can even focus on your upper body exercise with the help of resistance bands that can focus on your arms and your back and relieve you from all the muscle strain.


Product Specifications:

Size: 69 x 39 x 13 cm (27.2 x 15.4 x 5.1 inch)
Material: Plastic, Iron
Maximum load: 150 kg
Power: 200 W
Weight: 13 kg
Vibration: Up to 12mm
Color: White
Speed Range: 180 Levels
Plug type: C type


Remote control, Resistance Bands 

Carton weight:

13.0 kg

Carton size:

78.0*43.0*21.0 cm

Your package contains:

Vibration Plate x1

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