Wouldn't you like a portable, folding booster seat that helps keep your baby's feeding surface clean and sanitized? Booster seats are the perfect way to keep your child feeling like they’re part of the family at dinner time, while still keeping them safe and secure in a child-sized seat.  


Just like the majority of chairs for babies, feeding is the main purpose of booster seats. Parents can strap the booster seat to chairs so that the child can actively participate during mealtime. It can also be used daily on the ground according to your needs, to help the child learning to sit and develop good habits while eating. 

What do you need to keep in mind while buying and using a Booster Seat? 

Your child is most precious to you and you wouldn't want to compromise when it comes to purchasing things for them. The booster seat is an important and necessary investment. Before purchasing a booster seat consider the following factors - 


Baby Booster Seat’s safety zones can be divided into two:

You should choose a booster seat with a stable structure and non-slip foot pads, which can greatly reduce the possibility of tipping over. So when you use it on the floor, you don't have to worry too much. But please note that you will not leave your child unattended for long periods. 

But when considering installing it on a chair, purchase a booster seat with at least one adjustable strap that can be pulled tight for a secure fit. Tie it on a good stable chair that won’t easily tip over when your child starts rocking will lessen your worries. Don't forget to double-check the stability before using.


Let’s be honest — babies are messy. You don’t want a baby booster chair that’s difficult to clean. Choose one made from plastic without a lot of crevices where food can get stuck.


A practical booster seat can be duration for a long time from 6 months to 36 months. It should also be easily folded down and fit into your vehicle and easy to travel with, due to its lightweight and multi-purpose.


Look after your baby during family gatherings with Leogreen’s Baby Booster Seat. Leogreen’s Booster Seat is full of exceptional features which will ensure your baby’s safety as well as comfort.

You can adjust the height and the tray in 3 different positions according to the height of your child and using purpose. Leogreen provides a baby seat for regular chairs with adjustable height features which comes in handy when you need to adjust the level of the seat with the table. Also, you can secure your child with the help of a safety harness and can be used until the child turns 36 months old.  

Leogreen’s booster seat is lightweight, compact, and foldable making it portable, ideal for use at home and away from home, on vacation, at grandparents, or in restaurants.  

A foldable baby feeding chair is very easy to clean because of its smooth surfaces. Equipped with a removable table tray place your baby's food and drinks on.

Go with Leogreen’s Baby Seat which is available in 3 attractive pastel shades of green, orange, and pink at a very affordable price gives you features that are important in a seat, making it an ideal purchase. 

You'll love how easy to clean this booster seat is and your children will love the comfortable seat that they can use for years for playing, learning, and eating. Give the little one in your life a secure and comfortable seat at the table with the Leogreen Baby Booster Seat. It is perfect in a way to keep your child feeling like they’re part of the family at dinner time.