Leogreen Baby Walker, Baby Activity and music Center, Gray Pattern with Toys, Age range: 6 to 18 months

Choose Leogreen Baby Walker to keep up with the needs of your baby. As the baby grows older, the demands of this little one keep on changing. Seat your baby in this comfortable, color chair in order to keep him engaged. Watch as the included toys and cheerful music box engage and entertain your curious little one. Encourage your child’s developing mobility and curiosity in a supportive and safe environment. Made of carefully chosen and high-quality materials, you can trust Leogreen Walker to be durable and safe for your baby. Enjoy the ease of fully washable materials for quick clean up.

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Best Features

3 Adjustable Heights: Leogreen Baby Walker is adjustable in 3 heights (38 cm, 42 cm, 44 cm) to always be adapted to the size of your growing baby to help your baby take his first steps without fear. It is recommended and suitable for children from 6 to 18 months.

360 ° Swivel Front Wheel: 360 ° swivel front casters allows your baby to easily navigate in all directions and straight rear wheels. Smooth rubberized casters are designed for quiet movement and floor protection.

Removable Tray: Leogreen Baby Walker comes with an interactive removable toy tray that comes with 10 melodies and multiple activities to keep the baby engaged. The toy tray is also removable to serve as a dining table or a wide range of uses to adapt to your growing baby.

Portable and Safe: Leogreen Baby Walker comes with 6 non-slip plugs to protect against drops on steps and edges easily fold for space-saving storage. It becomes easy for you to carry it anywhere you want to. 


Product Specifications

Age range: 6 to 18 months
Material: PP, Polyester
Height: Adjustable: 38 cm, 42 cm, 44 cm (15 inch, 16.5 inch, 17.3 inch)
Maximum load: 12 kg
Accessories: (6x) Anti-slip strips
Model: Gray Pattern with Toys

Carton Weight

4.41 kg

Carton Size

79.0*64.5*11.0 cm

Your Package Contains

Baby Walker x1

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